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Our purpose in life is to fix world problems through a combination of projects that push our troubled world in a positive direction, and through a reinvention of the way today's broken processes work. Intrigued? Come participate in our magical vision.

Ninety percent of new business fails

Don't be a statistic. All problems in this world are solveable with the right people around the table. Lucid Foundry's goal is to change an apparent norm of subpar performance and failure with a refreshing focus on building teams that fundamentally resonate and are focused at the hip towards winning together. For when the right group of superstars assemble, miracles happen.

Our mission is to reinvent the world we live in by helping the endless number of deserving entrepreneurs and business movers achieve the meaningful ambitions they intently service. Allow us to lower your risk, increase your performance and most importantly, win.
The Magical Team
Jens Kosman


Dat Pham


Mai Nguyen

HR Specialist

Sang Nguyen

Technical Leader

Viet Hoang

Jr. Software Engineer

Toan Ngo

Sr. UI/UX Front-end

Quan Vu

Software Engineer

Quan Lam

Jr. Software Engineer

Hung Bui

Sr. Software Engineer

Ho Lam


Luan On

Business Analyst

Chi To

Software Engineer

Nghia Doan

Software Engineer

Quoc Tran

Software Engineer

Carson Duong

Quality Control

Trinh Nguyen

Project Manager

We are looking for talent

Time to put on your superman cape? Join our team of superstars for an opportunity to grow and apply your talents.