The Untapped Potential of Your Workforce

With roots in the human capital space, our executive team is well aware of several key principles required to build effective teams. Not only that, but there are quite a few untapped angles that no one seems to focus on.

A great number of agencies speak of the top 1 or 3%, cream of the crop. We call these superstars. They are the individuals with experience that are “in the zone” and get it.

But what makes a superstar, and what pathway did they go along to get there? It’s a simple notion. Humans are smart. When they work on things they love, they diligently do the things they need to focus and reach their objective, be it with love, relationships or to our interest, in the workplace.

Realizing this brings you into the mindset we intimately champion within our teams at Lucid Foundry. Our job, as a provider of services and staffing talent, is to not just identify the top 1-3% superstars that will get your job done, but to similarly generate new superstars from the rest of the 97%.

This is untapped potential. Imagine all members of your team being in the zone, doing what they love, and doing what they love with love, for the simple reason that they are in the right place and right time. This is our never-ending mission, and what we set as the goal in working with you.

Work with us, and enjoy a few solid ideas on how to improve your own team while working with us. Give us a call to see how we might work together.