On Time, On Budget, and Of Quality

There is a sad but often true rule in the world of consulting. It's a rule that a wise comic once chiseled into a stone tablet and proclaimed "All initiatives can only ever have two of the following three attributes":

  1. Cheap
  2. Fast
  3. High-Quality

This rule has, quite unfortunately, been consistent in the world of professional services. One cannot expect to have cheap and fast, and retain quality for example.

As we at Lucid Foundry consider ourselves strategic investors and partners in the projects we participate, we despise this status quo. Our continuous goal is to seek out how to break this mold. In the manually intensive world of consulting, we find that the best way to address this is with the right team and with the right process.

Our investment into a Vietnam Campus of Excellence is an active component of this. Our incessant Focus on Process is another strategic element on how to get there. With these two in hand, our teams are well poised to deliver amazing work to you.

Contact our teams to get in touch on the best way we can potentially help you.