How to Run an Effective Operation

Someone once said, technology projects can only ever meet two of three favorable attributes: time, cost, quality.

“If you want it cheap and fast, your quality will suffer”.

“Your cost will be high if you want top quality and a short delivery.”

While largely true, we here at Lucid Foundry are here to tell you achieving favorable conditions in all three is entirely possible. The key is to focus on your mind set, process used and team.

Mindset: it first needs to be recognized that executing effective tech can require up to 20 roles. While I go into more depth on what these roles are here, these common statements make the point well:

  1. Jonny our AI developer isn’t the right person to code out our mobile app.
  2. Sarah our genius mobile developer requires the UX mapped out by an interface designer.
  3. Tom our UX expert is a genius, but needs help forming copy that mirrors the launch strategy.

Add to this a need for effective launch strategy, branding, iterative exploration in product market fit, a need for 247 monitoring and support, you can quickly understand the roles required to make your operation whir like the well-oiled machine it deserves to be.

Process: effective process at its most basic is about maximizing efficiency, lowering cost, and improving quality. Broken down, you may find the need to focus on the following:

  1. Ensuring work duplication is minimized through effective handoffs and appropriate documentation.
  2. Nipping odd tangents and mistakes early through effective DevOps process and daily standups.
  3. Automating applicable spots in testing so that the bots can do the grunt work while your team focuses on the innovation.

Read on for 30 ways Lucid Foundry helps your company finesse its process.

Team: all problems in the world can be solved with the right people around the table. Teams often advertise a top 1 or 3% required to get the job done, and in my opinion, this is marketing fallacy at best. While those superstars are a necessary part of your ecosystem, the real wins are made when you succeed in making the rest of your workforce superstars. Imagine the untapped potential! Ways to motivate your team are:

  1. Assign your team work that motivates and excites them.
  2. Compensating people based on concrete short term wins.
  3. Allowing people to splurge in innovation and training exercises.

Lucid Foundry is an active investor into technology and process that pushes these concepts so that you don’t have to starting with our Vietnam campus of excellence

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