Case for a Campus of Excellence in Vietnam

Our team is hard at work building sensible solutions that meet not just your project need, but also provide you with the staffing maturity to attain your objectives. With the right people around the table, everything and anything is possible to attain, isn’t that right?

Lucid Foundry is proud to announce a strategic investment into Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, coining our new phrase “Strategic Campus of Excellence”. This is a major element of our growth, and centers around the humble concept of small teams working together that are charged with doing things right the ray the first time, so that you may reap the benefit and grow.

Why Vietnam? This country boasts 40,000 new IT graduates ever year, with 45 percent of the population under the age of 35, and is well positioned to provide a steady supply of educated, young and low-cost work force for knowledge-intensive outsourcing services. Infrastructure has improved dramatically over the last five years, with more than 55 percent of the population now owning a smart phone.

Vietnam has a strategic advantage to the likes of India and Philippines in that it is also an upcoming manufacturing hub for companies moving out of China. The Vietnamese people are in general hard working and, hungry for opportunities that bring them both stability and well deserved reward, are loyal to the causes they commit to.

With this investment, Lucid Foundry is prepared to augment your team with superstars that operate in a culturally dynamic campus of excellence across the world. Tap into our experience, and resolve staffing needs of your own utilizing our experience and know-how.

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