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Who is Lucid Foundry?

We are a group of marketing, product, design and technology enthusiasts that build business through shared risk and an affordable payment plan.

Why are you special?

At our core, we are focused on operating as partners to your business. Real partners - the types that share in both risk and reward and are there to back you when things fall.

What services do you provide?

We are building a campus of excellence with areas of focus that cover marketing, product, design, and technical practices. We own a professional grade recruitment function and can staff fairly quickly into areas where our team is not available or coverage does not exist.

How large are your projects?

Our current projects are on-going 4-5 headcount efforts. Realistically, as we own a professional grade recruitment function and maintain a pre-vetted freelancer network, we are able to staff up to 8-10 people relatively quickly. Our management team has experience running 150-person international operations in prior corporate lives.

How do you ensure quality?

Central to our operation is a corporate-caliber, professional quality-assurance program focused on doing what is right for your operation, be it automated test cases or security penetration testing. Contact us if you'd like to learn more, we'll be happy to overview you on our process and provide examples.

How do you manage your timelines?

We utilize a high level planning approach paired together with an agile DevOps based product development process with a daily team stand-up call that fosters timeliness and visibility.

You mention shared risk?

Correct. For projects that qualify, we offer our services at cost as a way to offset your risk. If our work together results in a measurable win, we are paid a pre-negotiated reward as part of this arrangement.

How does a project qualify?

Other than us agreeing to success criteria as part of our work together, our relationship is based on our joint assessment of trust. You trust us to be driven and not waste your time. We trust you to not take us for a ride. The understanding going in is that we are all astute business people in this to win.

What's the typical reward?

Contact us for more info. You will find that the offer is fair and in tune with market reality. We default to monetary reward, but have accepted rev share and equity arrangements before. Decisions are openly made in the same way an investor would, as we work towards a contract.

Do you have the ability to invest?

We do. This entirely depends on our risk profile and where we are at for the year. Contact us for more info.

I just want a fixed price or hourly project. Possible?

Sure, fixed price projects are possible, as are hourly arrangements with a minimum term. We also can build you a team that you manage directly for a fee.

Anything you'd like to add?

We are here to do the right thing, not waste time, make wins, and work with people who are also bent on doing the right thing. We want what's fair, and we don't nickel and dime. If this sounds like the team you'd like to engage with, give us a call.

How do we get started?

Thank you for your interest! Send us a chat with your contact details, and we will get in touch with you shortly.