Superstars that get it

We are a group of marketing, product, design and technology enthusiasts that build business through shared risk and an affordable payment plan.


No more    meetings

We focus on doing things the right way from the bottom up with an inspection on your target market, and then a product, design or technology roadmap that sets your expectation on how to best get there in a measurable way.

The right mix of talent

All problems in this world can be solved with the right people around the table, and this is especially true in the complex world of platform design.

Our operation hosts a core team, plus an ability to tap into a vast pool of superstars to find those simply destined to participate in your concept.

Shared Risk and Reward

We operate on an at-cost model that allows you to tap into a team that is fully aligned at the hip with yours.

If profitability occurs, we all share in the win.

If profitability does not occur, you are liable only for a portion of the projected fee to cover your operation.

Our Mission

We exist to fix world problems through a combination of projects that push the world forward and a reinvention of things that are broken.


Thought provoking insights into the world of platform design. What works, what doesn't. How to build teams that fulfill your needs effectively.

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